Our Research

Marrying Sell & Buy Side

Research Analysts have struggled with traditional investment banks because of the conflict of interest with the firms buy side clients and the investment bankers. We do produce the highest quality research. We do Not make Recommendations. We don’t have target prices. We analyze risk and reward. Understood is that we look for 2 units of upside for every Unit of downside in the risk reward exercise. We are not engaging in “Beauty Contests”. We have no “Book” to protect. We can bring multiple disciplines to bear for the benefit of clients. There’s no compulsion to “Publish or Perish”. Our analysts work for you.

No Frills

Research analysts working for a firm support a variety of activities – many of which do not serve the institutional investor. The fixed expenses in some brokerages have hit as high as 48%. The fees paid by clients to the firm covers all operating expenses such as: the S&T desks, investment bankers the back office and administration expense. We put clients interests First.The majority of compensation goes directly to the analyst. In essence, All their costs are directly related to that customer. They work directly with that Customer.


Methods of accessing our research


Directly Contact us
The best method is to contact us directly. We will comply with clients requests for any reasonable delivery instructions, pricing models for research & for access to our analysts. We can discuss Pricing and Methods of Payment. We are able to respond to both professional money manager and corporate inquiries.
Access to the analysts and conferences is available upon request. You can use our contact page and we will repond within one Business day.

Find us on a Research Exchange
Research exchanges are the new format since the Introduction of MiFiD11. We are actively listed on five different research exchange websites, for more information on these Research Exchanges see our listings page.