Our Research

The Pennock Idea Hub team only publishes research from our veteran analysts. Our team has spent their careers at Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, RBC Capital Markets, Wood Gundy and other well known research boutiques. We have taken every aspect of research back to first principles. The Pennock Idea Hub is a market place for investment ideas of institutional quality. We eliminate the conflicts of the traditional sell side relationship. Our team is accessible. We collaborate with clients. We are totally aligned with the client. Our only objective is quality investment ideas.

There is only one kind of research worth having. That’s paid for research. However it must be independent, unconflicted and transparent.
— Jim McGovern CEO, Founder of Arrow Capital Management


Methods of accessing our research

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Directly Contact us

The best method is to contact us directly. We can negotiate the best method of delivering our research, pricing models for research & for access to our analysts.

Send an inquiry at Contact Us and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

Research exchanges

We are currently listed on five different research exchange websites. This method is recommended if you are already using one of these exchanges for research.

Our pricing model is consistent on all exchanges except Smart Karma.

Please contact us if you would like use one of these exchanges to access our research.


All your research in one place

Automatically consolidate all your research content and interactions, including written reports, calls, meetings, and other events, for easy organization and retrieval. Discover new providers through personalized recommendations.

Trust your data

Get accurate and timely metrics based on your own actual activity, instead of messy and unreliable data from third parties. Defend your research payments objectively.

Evaluation, not voting

Build a competitive and compliant ranking process for your providers with our bottom-up methodology using rich evaluation criteria for both written reports and interactions. Avoid guesswork like end-of-quarter voting.

No intermediation fees

Negotiate your subscriptions directly with providers, and upgrade to Alphametry Investor to manage their service from A to Z.

High quality investment research, individually priced on one platform.

ERIC is the free to use independent platform offering access to a wide range of unbundled substantive research.

ERIC allows research providers to offer their services in a way that suits them.

ERIC assists asset managers with research budget setting and price discovery for their research needs.

ERIC is designed for the new challenges in the procurement of investment management research.

Personalized Experience

Cut out the noise by tailoring to your specific interests. With so much content, the first step in managing research is filtering down to the reports and providers most relevant to your role as an analyst or PM. Personalize by asset class, sector and region and curate the content you see. Create Watchlist's to easily find and be alerted to reports on your selected issuers. Follow your favourite providers and see more from them.

Virtual Library

Accessible wherever you are, RSRCHX is your virtual research library. De-clutter your inbox, stay on top of latest reports and keep organised, all in compliance with MiFID II. Read, save, share and search reports all in one place. Rate reports and store your favourites, accessible whenever you need them. Keep organized with folders, saved searches and custom alerts.

Content Discovery

Make the most of the RSRCHX intelligent search. Our proprietary engine searches every word of reports to give you the most comprehensive, relevant and accurate results. Machine learning highlights reports and providers most relevant for you. Search by phrase, ticker, or variety of other categories. Trending, popular and relevant research featured as you browse. Maximize usage of your existing providers and find new research.

Maximized Budgets

Find new content and the best prices for research on the RSRCHX marketplace. Analyze your spend, both on-platform and off, with our Dashboard, which combines rich, real-time consumption and pricing data. Discover and buy transparently priced subscriptions and individual reports. Build an evidence-based assessment of providers to inform future purchases. Improve procurement, optimize expenditure and save costs.

Open Access

ResearchPool’s open and user-friendly research marketplace lets you download and analyze information faster. Improved search allows you to focus on the insights that are relevant to you.

Flexible Payment Options

In preparation for an unbundled research market under MiFID II, ResearchPool provides flexible payment options for premium reports. Pay for reports per view or with our new subscription service. Whichever method you choose, price transparency allows you to formulate a more controlled budget plan.


Download free and premium reports covering key financial asset classes. These include equity, credit, commodities, real estate, money markets, currencies, multi-asset and alternatives. Whatever insights you need to make the right decision, you can find them here.

A Platform For Both Investors & Providers

ResearchPool is designed to help professional and individual investors find relevant research on their own terms. However, it is also a streamlined platform for research providers and analysts to monetize and get their insights out to a wider audience. Upload your research through our provider gateway and watch as your profile page grows and reports are shared.



Smartkarma meets new regulatory requirements around research. Platform independence ensures no inducement or cross-subsidisation.

Transparent Pricing

Smartkarma subscriptions are priced per-user and provide access to everything on the platform.

Consumption Reporting

Detailed metrics on usage are available to meet regulatory and internal reporting requirements.

Strict Compliance

Comprehensive onboarding, quality-control and auditing policies in place. Users can onboard internal compliance officers for full oversight.