Fundamental Analysis on Healthcare & Technology Sectors

Access bespoke independent research insights into the Healthcare and Technology sectors to inform sound buy-side decisions. We seek to provide independent, in-depth analysis of investment opportunities and actionable ideas of the quality demanded by portfolio managers.

Bespoke Analysis and Consulting

Fundamental and bespoke research specifically targeted to the Healthcare and Technology sectors; main focus includes drug and device companies and emerging technologies such as AI.

Get access to in-depth reporting covering:
  • Companies addressable market;
  • Upcoming catalysts;
  • Company financials;
  • Understanding their management team; and
  • Businesses growth strategy to provide you with the insights needed to make sound buy-side decisions.

Reports can be customized according to need and can involve ongoing follow-up. Unlike other services, we can address specific areas of interest, produce independent financial models at the level of detail requested and are not conflicted by multiple client desires.

Norm Kumar, CFA

Norm has over 20 years of investment experience in both private and public equity. He has direct investment experience with companies through all stages (formation, growth, IPO and strategic sale) as well as across all market capitalizations. Norm offers a service that goes deeper than the standard analyst. His insights are more specific and details focusing on a broad range of topics. Norm has a unique ability of bringing the discipline of private equity analysis to public market investment assessments to assist clients to make meaningful risk-reward decisions.

To Work With Norm Kumar or for More Information: